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I decided it was time…a long time ago.

But today I decided to do something about it.

So that’s why you can probably notice something different about us.

No, it’s not that…

Do you really need a clue?

Ok fine, here goes.

After years of existing off the grid,

(the grid meaning social media, of course)

I realized the only way to grow the community was to…drumroll please…

tap into the largest networks ever created with a quarter of the world’s population using the platforms monthly (MAU).

Facebook user growth

Yep it’s those things they call Facebook and Twitter.

because according to the internet, people seem to spend a lot of time on these sites, and time is (insert value word here).

Because in case you didn’t know, search engines and social media bring in the majority of traffic for the majority of websites.

Clearly, social media has affected the foundation of modern traffic acquisition. Any and good marketing plan should consist of find or retargeting customers or fans online through social media

But enough of that rant….

Back to the topic at hand, our social media accounts are live!

So look up Haight Street Music News on Facebook and Twitter

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We might even follow you back, if you’re worthy. ha