Here we go…the about page. Never sure what to write in this section because the posts contain the actual stuff. Well this is a good starting point:

Hi there! I’m a software developer by trade, but there’s is no denying that music is what gets me through the day. While most people are out there surfing the web for even more mindless junk, I’m searching for a the next song. I love to build websites, and this is just one of the websites that I’ve built. I live in Florida, and have a great pair of cats.

…but that’s enough about me, now onto what this site is about…

Haight Street Music News was started in 2001 to cover news in the alternative and progressive music scene providing extraneous yet quality thoughts on the topic for the world to see, hear, and read. Located in San Francisco, Haight Street is a symbolic location of the alternative “hippie” lifestyle that rose to popularity during the 1960-70s. The movement came to show that counter-cultural artistic movements really can kickstart an agenda of revolution and threaten the status-quo of the establishment.

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